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We train you and your Organization to be World Class Negotiatiors

Taking the lead in professional negotiation requires drive and focus as well as a great deal of skill and training. And while drive and focus may come naturally, skills, more often than not, don’t.
Leadership and negotiation professional skills are learned and take a good bit of effort and time to really build. This is where having the assistance of negotiation coach comes into play.

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Acordemos U.S.A. provides trainning and coaching services to ensure you have the skills and knowledge it takes to succeed at the higher levels in global business negotiation with an emphasis in LatinAmerica.
Understanding cultural differences and customes are essential for the efficient negotiator.
And knowing how to negotiate applying Global startegic thinking with regional/local focus is the key for success. And our expertise.


Acordemos USA is a subsidiary of Negociemos Argentina, a prestigious consulting and coaching firm founded in 1999.

We are experts on the Art of Negotiation with emphasis in Latin America. Our programs are specifically tailored to suit your needs.
We pride ourselves in being one of the leading Consulting firms in Latin America, with over 90 years of combined experience.
Your success is our success.
Some of our clients testimonials are shown below and speak for themselves. Contact our offices for a FREE 45 minutes consultation/evaluation of your needs and the options Acordemos USA has to assist you fulfill them.

What Clients Have to Say

«I had the pleasure to have Carlos Murro in some talent development programs we ran in Montevideo in the years 2012-2013 with SANTANDER España, Uruguay y Argentina. He delivered a training program on Negotiation to some groups of high potential professionals of our branches in Latin America, and the results were very satisfying. Carlos is a dynamic professional who puts energy and commitment on his tasks, and a very easy-to-deal-with person.»

Vanda Bahcivanji, Spain

Independent HR Consultant

«More than learning about business strategy and effective communication, Acordemos U.S.A. helps build character which leads to being a better negotiator. And that has made a world of difference for me and my company. Thanks.»

Mariana M., Argentina

CEO - Duke Energy Argentina

«Carlos es el mejor profesor en temas de negociación que conozco. Tuve la suerte de haber participado en uno de sus Cursos de Negociación, en el cual además de haber demostrado un gran conocimiento de la materia vinculándolo con casos prácticos, nos impresionó no solamente por su sagacidad e inteligencia para absolver las preguntas, sino también por su gran capacidad para captar la atención del auditorio. En definitivamente, desde todo punto de vista, recomendaría sin lugar a duda su Curso de Negociación, el cual me ha sido de mucha utilidad en la vida práctica.»

Mario Ballivian (YPF ANDINA Bolivia)

Energy / Corporate / Regulatory Lawyer

Advance consulting, coaching and training: global strategies, multicultural understanding, regional/local action

Our trainings are conducted by our Certified Expert Consultants, who come from different industries and have a wealth of academic knowledge and practical business experience.

Our programs are designed specifically for the unique circumstances you may be facing today.
Global thinking, multicultural sensitivity and hyper focus local action is our approach.
Contact us for a FREE 45 minutes evaluation.

How do we do it?

We train and coach using the most advance methods in the world. Our understanding of the Latin American Culture allows us to train you to understand the specifics technics and situations most common when negotiating in that environment.
Our first class multi industry intelligence will help you focus your negotiations from a vantage point that will open allow you to achieve your objectives. With clarity and predictability.
Contact us today,for a FREE 45 minutes evaluation.


Our training is tailored to sut your needs . Wheter one on one, groupal or collective, we can develop the program that your organization needsto face today’s challenges.

Our Clients

We cover Latin American South to North and North to South. From Argentina to the U.S. and From the U.S. to all of Latin America.
Our clients are in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and Mexico.
Our Firm has consulted for Companies negotiating B2B and also business to Government. We have also coached a number of Companies wanting to develop new markets, helping them establish headquarters in the Countries above mentioned.
In many occasions we have coached Foreign Government Officials and help them acquire a set of cultural and strategic skills that have helped them negotiate in Foreign soil as efficientely as the locals.

What is AcordemosUSA?

Acordemos USA is a subsidiary of Negociemos Argentina , ready to coach and train those who need a training system tailored to integrated the American and Latin American cultures and also to help those American Businesses wanting to conduct business in Latin America or with Latin American Companies and need guidance and a better understanding of the different cultures in the Continent.

Our objective is assist in bridging the cultural gap and help your Organization negotiate better.
Training and coaching your Human Resources, at every level, is the beginning. We are the your partner in success.


Hispanic citizens seeking to generate business projects in the territory of the US, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. North American citizens who want to take high quality courses in Spanish. North American citizens seeking training and development to develop businesses in Latin America. Also diplomats and agents of governmental entities that wish to incorporate professional negotiation skills. We also provide advice and follow-up negotiations on investment projects and business projects in the US and Argentina.

Dynamic Trainning

Bilingual: English-Spanish

Team Building at any level Department, Region, Territory, etc

Over 90 years of combined experience

We train all over the world on site or via teleconference

Emphasis on empowering women

We are you: specific Company representation on face to face negotiations

Role playing

One on One or small groups available

Carlos Murro

Lawyer. Director of Negociemos! Argentina, Consultant founded in 1999 that provides training and advisory in business negotiation. Director of Acordemos! USA, founded in 2017. Director of Negociemos! México, founded in 2018, which offers training and advisory in professional negotiation in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.

Director of the Postgraduate Course in Negotiation at the Universidad Católica Argentina since 2011 and Harvard University. Author of the book Negociemos (2001); Acordemos (2005) and El Negociador (2018) all edited by Editorial Del Nuevo Extremo.


Mariela Coronel

Lawer, Pontificia Universidad Catolica Argentina. Representative of Negociemos!, that provides training and negotiation advice for Mexico and the Caribbean. Studies on Company Law.

More than 20 years of experience, acquired in large multinational companies. Served as Legal and Logistic Director for Argentina and Chile in Duke Energy, Multinational Energy Company.

Extensive experience in corporate negotiation of commercial contracts, collective bargaining agreements and negotiation with provincial and national governments. Specialist in FCPA (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act), teaching courses in Argentina and Chile.


Octavio Pina

Lawyer. Businessman specialized in Real Estate Market, and insurance.

J.D., University of Buenos Aires (1987), M.B.A. University of California, Irvine (1995), CEO So-Cal General Insurance Services Inc and V.P Acordemos USA.
Acordemos USA´s Representative.



1903 S. Main Street, Santa Ana
CA 92707, U.S.A

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El Dr. Carlos F. Murro ha creado el proyecto Negociemos!®, el cual introduce un nuevo concepto en el mundo de la negociación. Observando que a lo largo de los años distintas escuelas de negociación han desarrollado progresos para la resolución de conflictos y para la construcción de negocios sin prestar atención a la cultura hispanoparlante (como Harvard, por ejemplo), ni a sus protagonistas (empresas y particulares), Carlos F. Murro da una vuelta de tuerca, otorgando al ejercicio de la Negociación un rasgo eminentemente práctico, dinámico y completamente adaptado a nuestras corporaciones, ejecutivos de negocios y entes gubernamentales.

Asimismo nuestro entrenamiento no se queda en los lugares comunes de la típica capacitación o seminarios dónde se presenta a la negociación como una suerte de lecho de rosas, dónde cada mesa de negociación parece ser una reunión de amigos que buscan sumar para ganar todos por igual. Sin dejar de lado el maravilloso mundo del win/win, nos adentramos en el lado oscuro de la negociación, dónde los Depredadores buscan ir por todo. Nos encargamos de desenmascarar al lobo disfrazado de cordero y alertamos como prevenirnos de sus tácticas engañosas.

El entrenamiento que brindamos a su empresa es profesional, con práctica continua en base a casos reales extraídos de nuestra experiencia en el asesoramiento corporativo. Usted encontrará en Negociemos! una eficaz solución para sus problemas concretos, porque se encuentra diseñado para el mundo real. Abordamos con toda claridad las tácticas oscuras de negociación y manipulación, superando el concepto del win/win para advertir a nuestros clientes que el mundo de la negociación corporativa, sindical, política o familiar puede ser un complejo escenario de batalla.

Capacitamos y entrenamos generando continuas dinámicas interactivas que -por otro lado- son divertidas, para captar rápidamente la atención de los participantes. Con esta premisa todo el contenido de este proyecto puede ser aplicado de inmediato, con excelentes resultados para su empresa, pues tiene en cuenta nuestra forma de ser, la características de nuestras compañías y sus conflictos. Quédese tranquilo, a poco de interiorizarse acerca de las herramientas del proyecto Negociemos!, notará con qué facilidad pueden ser utilizadas, cada vez que usted necesite de la negociación. Nos avalan más de 20 años de experiencia con las principales empresas de Argentina, Sudamérica y México!

Por tal razón la Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina, desde el año 2011, nos confió la Dirección del Posgrado de Negociación. Y, desde el año 2013 al 2017, la prestigiosa Casa EdUniversal (Paris, Francia) nos ha galardonado dentro de los mejores 40 Posgrados del Mundo.

Gracias a la continua demanda de nuestros servicios para lograr un entrenamiento a medida de las Corporaciones de habla hispana, nos hemos expandido a Los Ángeles USA a través de AcordemosUSA y a Monterey, México a través de NegociemosMex!. De ése modo podemos estar cerca para asesorarlo y capacitarlo cada vez que deba negociar con empresas norteamericanas o cuando desee desarrollar negocios en los EEUU. Y si Usted es norteamericano y debe negociar sus intereses en Latinoamérica o con cualquier empresa o persona de habla hispana, estaremos a su servicio.

Lo invitamos con toda cordialidad a conocernos e Informarse acerca de todos nuestros servicios profesionales.

Negociemos!, NegociemosMex! y AcordemosUSA! son marcas registradas de Carlos F. Murro.